यस्मिन् जीवति जीवन्ति बहवः स तु जीवति |

“A person whose way of living results in helping a large number of poor and needy persons to lead a proper life really lives a meaningful life.”

COVID19 pandemic spreading to more than 140 countries has posed an unprecedented threat to the survival of entire mankind and has led to the decimation of our economy.

What is certain is that the poor and the underprivileged have been hugely impacted by the consequences.

National Medicos Organisation(NMO) with its motto ‘Swasthya Sewa se Rashtriya Sewa’ stands in the forefront to volunteer their services to the needy. But the worsening situation demanded the organisation to act in the most collaborative and coordinated way to win this battle with COVID19.

It’s a nationwide organisation of 10k+ qualified doctors and 50k+ students from allopathic system of medicine working in over 23+ states with the common objective of selfless service to mankind.

During the COVID19 pandemic, NMO pulled up its socks and seated all pumped up to help our communities fight the disruption and challenges posed.

NMO Haryana took the lead and courage to create awareness and strengthen the initiatives of the Central government by organising 5 COVID19 helpdesks in hospital areas especially OPDs guiding the people about social distancing, cough etiquettes and hand hygiene practices. This initiative was possible by the determination of 41 doctor and student volunteers.

As the COVID19 continued to wreak havoc around the world, the organisation mended its ways of Sewa and started awareness through 150+ text and 25+ video messages covering more than 13 lac beneficiaries across the country.